Welcome to Weird Bars Worldwide

I’ve seen a lot websites out there for the traveling bar lover. Rooftop bars, outdoor bars, college bars, Irish bars, sports bars, lounge bars, dive bars, cigar bars—the list goes on and on. And while all of these bars are fine and good, they’re not the not the kind of bars I like to patron.

You see, I like weird bars. The kind of bars that you walk in and say “What the hell?” and walk out and say “Well, that was awesome!” Weird bars are the kind of bars that open up your libation horizons. They expand the realm of possibility of what a night out can be. They demonstrate not only the creativity of an an owner, but of a whole neighborhood.

So what is a weird bar, exactly? A weird bar, put simply, is a bar which is out of the ordinary. Beyond that, the same definition that applies to weird bars that Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart applied to obscenity: You know it when you see it.

And I plan on seeing a lot of them on my journeys and sharing them all with you cool, weird people here. That’s what this site will be about: creating a community of weird bar enthusiasts always looking for the next cocktail in an unusual place. So if you know of a strange bar around you that you would like others to know about, send it my way!

But in the meantime, be sure to check back here regularly for all your weird bar updates.

And, most importantly, keep drinking strangely.